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Mumsnet: a force to be reckoned with

Off the back of some enlightening talkboard discussions, Mumsnet HQ has joined forces with the Give More Campaign to help channel an increased awareness of rising need and a growing appetite for giving amongst Mumsnetters into some positive action.

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Many hands make light work- together; we really can change things for the better.

You can also make a specific pledge to a particular cause or charity here on the Give More home page.  Please enter “Mumsnet” in the Organisation field when you do, as this will mean we will be able to give a breakdown of which causes Mumsnetters care about most and let you know about trends in how Mumsnetters give.

Mumsnet’s new dedicated ‘Volunteering and Charitable Giving’ talk board  is designed to provide a hub for discussions around how we all feel about giving and communities. We would also like to support Mumsnetters in their search for easy, effective ways to give in all its forms.

Check out these 10 easy ideas for giving or our fantastic Give Guide which offers even more inspiration, tailored to your needs.

Join in and make a difference


You may already have heard about Give More, a growing movement of thousands of people across the UK who are uniting to fight the escalating need they see.  If you haven’t, you can find out a lot more here.  By each making a public pledge to give more time, money or energy to a cause or charity we care about, the hope is that together we will become a force to be reckoned with.

A staggering number of pledges  have already been made across the UK and now Mumsnet are leading their own charge to give more.

So if you can pledge a little time to find a way to give more that works for you, or if you have a cause or a charity you care about, please share passion by making your own pledge to Give More.

Each individual action is important, and every intent to give more can have an impact. The fantastic thing is that as numbers grow, and more people find out about the movement, these actions should add up to something pretty spectacular.


If you’re a Mumsnet Local Editor, we’ve just launched an easy way for you to make a pledge on behalf of your whole group. Click here to find out more