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About Give More

Need in our communities is going up and charities and community groups are struggling to cope. The facts are stark – 83% of teachers have seen more children arriving hungry at school, the number of people being fed by foodbanks has doubled, and 5.4 million households are living in fuel poverty. In response, thousands of people are uniting to fight escalating need by pledging to give more time, money and energy to the charity or cause they care about, and inspiring others to do the same.

Why we're giving more!

Lord Robert Winston and friends tell us their plans for giving more to some great causes...

Why join in?

Each individual action is important, and every intent to give more can have an impact As numbers grow, more people find out about the movement and are inspired to join in
When actions are combined and become a wall of thousands, they become even more powerful Many hands make light work- together, we can change things for the better