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About Give More

Need in our communities is going up and charities and community groups are struggling to cope. The facts are stark – 83% of teachers have seen a growth in the number of children arriving hungry at school. At the same time there’s been a 100% increase in the number of people being fed by foodbanks, with 4 new outlets opening up every week. 5.4 million households are living in fuel poverty, almost half of those individuals are over 60.

In response to this, thousands of people from every corner of the UK are uniting to fight escalating need by each giving more time, money and energy to the community or cause they care about and inspiring others to do the same. Find out what’s happening near you.

Give More is an independent, privately funded initiative that asks you to stand up and be counted – join the movement and be part of something vitally important. Read more about who’s behind Give More.

We rarely talk about giving, but if we don’t shout about the good work going on up and down the country, many charities and community groups may cease to exist. We can’t let that happen.